My friends call me Claude.I’ve been a computer enthusiast for about 40 years, 25 of which I’ve been very lucky to spend with them either in academia, in startup companies, or in a hobby relationship.

Over the past months I’ve had some time off; during such times I alternate between cycling and supping trips, and diving into areas of computers and science that I don’t know much about (yet). Using this blog I hope to share some of my insights, hopefully be helpful to some people, in the same way that every day I learn new things by reading other people’s blogs. And I’m sure at least some posts will help future Claude to remember the details of something he looked into before!

I do very much appreciate feedback on the blog. Over the past months of writing, I realised more than ever the appeal of a “buy me a coffee” button; not that I’m in dire need of caffeine, or cannot afford my own coffees anymore. Not that I want to make blogging a day job. However the coffee stands for a 👍, for a 🔝, for a token of appreciation, which will keep me going. I don’t have a donate button, but if you like what I write, let me know, follow me, applaud by stories on LinkedIn, etc!

I am definitely looking for something new to get excited about. I am a do-er; I love to spend hours, or days, fixating on a small problem, making the big fix. Over the years this has meant developing massively parallel database architectures (before everyone was doing this), writing an LLVM patch to generate slightly faster ARM machine code, working on a compiler to automatically generate code that can run on the GPU, and setting up massively scaled cloud architectures. Over the past months I follow where I see problems that interest me. Learning about Web Assembly, and how to compile code to run on it, fighting with optimization problems, looking into WebXR and game development for VR head sets.

If something truly amazing comes along, I’m available for work! The problem however is that I’m already getting lots of requests from recruiters to talk without me having stated that I might be available. So in order to avoid me getting flooded by requests, let’s set up a small rule: if you seriously think that you have something amazing to offer, make a €10 donation to a charity in my name, show me the receipt and I’m more than happy to promise you a 10 minute video chat (selection of charity needs to be reasonable – however worst that can happen if you give to an unreasonable charity is that I know up front that we’re not going to match).