Privacy Statement

In short: only tracking for counting which posts are popular, for hosting reasons and what is necessary for comments.


This website collects data (directly and indirectly) for 3 uses:

Analysing use of the website

The author(s) of the website writes the stories and maintains the site on a purely voluntary basis, in their free time. No money is received either directly or indirectly (except via a “donate” button asking for voluntary donations, planned in the future). Part of the satisfaction that writing for this site gives, is knowing that people actually read (and hopefully enjoy) the posts on this site. For this reason, data is collected to analyse the use of the website.

In addition to “getting a sense of purpose” by seeing how many people read this site, the analytical data may be used to decide which posts are popular (and hence whih subjects deserve further posts).

Analytics are collected through Insights Analytics. See here for more information about the kind of data that Insights Analytics collects.

Note that Insights Analytics only tracks users in order to provide this information to the owner of the website. No information is collected to follow you throughout the web, or serve you advertisements.

This kind of tracking falls under Legitimate use under the GDPR.

Collecting and showing comments

Some pages on this site allow showing and writing of comments. This is being done through Uterances. They maintain their own Privacy Policy. Note that in order to post a comment, one has to have an account at, and log in to, Github. This is subject to the Github privacy policy.

Technical information for hosting provider

This website is hosted on Github Pages. Please note that GitHub may collect User Personal Information from visitors to the GitHub Pages website, including logs of visitor IP addresses, to comply with legal obligations, and to maintain the security and integrity of the Website and the Service. The appropriate statement can be found here.


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